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DAM Gangsters Kingdom GK017 Club II Van Ness

CHAPTER 6: The Club FamilySection 1: Start the Fight Budda said: People feel the pain for their pursuit of wrong things. Out of all the families, the Club Family is a unique one. It is not totally belonged to the Chinese gang nor The Japanese gang. It...

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FCTOYS FC001 Los Cyk Knight (alloy version)

Head carvings*1 Body*1 Shoulder armour*2 Upper leg armor*2 Leg guard*2 shoes*2 Hand type*4 Inner liner lock nail head cover*1 Inner liner*1 trousers*1 Long sword*1 Anterior chest armor*1 Posterior chest armor*1 Helmet*1 Neck...

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DAM GK020 Gangsters Kingdom Club K - Hong Wu

Chapter 6:The Club FamilyChapter 4: Peace is the most important thing Dragon emerges through fire, and tiger borns by the water Hong Wu is not named after the reign title of the first emperor of Ming Dynasty; being a fat child, his father gave him this...

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